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Pay Matters
Any retiree with questions concerning pay should contact:
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Directorate
for Retired Pay (Code FR) PO Box 99191
Cleveland, OH 44199-1126
1-800-321-1080 (216)522-5955

I.D. Cards
For I.D. Card eligibility information contact the
BUPERS Benefits Branch at:
1-800-443-9297 (703) 693-9923

Report of Death
To report the death of a Navy retiree,
call the Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Casualty Assistance Branch at:
1-800-269-5170 (216) 522-6680 or 6681

Service Records
Retirees requesting a copy of their discharge certificate (DD214),
personnel records, documents from these records,
service medal replacements, or medical/dental records
should write to:
National Personnel Records Center NPRC
9700 Page Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63132

When requesting records, be sure to include your
complete name, rank/rate, Social Security number,
dates of service and date of birth.
Your request will be processed in three to four months .

Other Retired Matters
Contact your nearest Retired Activities Office (RAG) or contact:
Department of the Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel
Retired Activities Section (PERS-622)
Washington, DC 20370-6220
Please include your phone number with your correspondence.
Or call: 1-800-255-8950 (703) 614-3197

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