NOTE: Due to the increasing numbers of former VR-21 members asking to be listed on this site, I will also include those whom were only in VR-21 as well as those who made the transition to VRC-50.

The VR-21 Page

For those who were in both VR-21 and VRC-50

Listed here are members of VR-21 who later became VRC-50 Foo Dogs
Submit your name and years in VR-21 and VRC-50, to the webmaster . . .
If by chance there is an ex VR-23 member let me know

Larry Margerum
Wayne Copes
Larry Hagewood
Al Carter
Ken Coop
Frank Williams
Willy Caraveo
Bruce Coddington
James W. Racca
Mike Neel
Victor B. Potts
William "Bill" Taylor
Charles "Charley" Farley
Michael "Mike" West
Steven "Steve" Wetmore
Joel H. Payne
C-130 Pilot
1968 - 1969
Tony Floyd
1968 - 1971
John A. Speck
1969 & 1971 -1972

Due to recent requests from former VR-21 members (also Foo Dogs) I will add some VR-21 photos to this page real soon.
I cannot make a VR-21 site such as I have for VRC-50, although I have a great deal of history on VR-21
I was never a member, so I leave the job of creating a VR-21 Website to someone else.

Submit your inputs ONLY IF YOU WERE VR-21 and VRC-50