Website Updates

April 18. 2009: Update Association Officers.
April 17, 2009: Added link to 2008 Reunion Photos, created info page for 2010 Reunion.
November 9, 2007: Added new guestbook. Cleaned up main page.
November 7, 2007: Update Board Members; Added a new message forum link; added a link to Cubi O'Club Communtiy Page.
November 5, 2007: Updated the Fujairah Det page with a short history.
November 3, 2007: Removed link to e-mail address page pending update, added 2008 Reunion Info, and other small changes.
August 6, 2000: Updated Email Listings and added names to Wall of Honor and Mariposa pages.
July 8, 2000: Removed annoying text box and updated email and other pages.
March 16, 2000: Added new page for corrosion control.
March 15, 2000: Added new page on the VRC squadrons.
March 13, 2000: Added link to an external page.
March 12, 2000: Added page on PO1 Association.
March 7, 2000: Added page on Aircraft Carriers serviced by VRC-50.
March 6, 2000: Added page on CV Flight Operations and a page on enlisted ratings in the command.
March 5, 2000: Added page for Duty Office and CPO's.
March 4, 2000: Added page for CWO's, LDO's, Aviators, and for XO's.
March 3, 2000: Added new page for OICs, updated Liberty Poll and EMAIL listings.
February 26, 2000: Added 1 new page and resized buttons and did a little cosmetic work.
February 25, 2000: Added 4 new pages.
January 24, 2000: Added new page titled Missouri Bar, a local liberty hang out
January 24, 2000: Added new info on CMC, Tech Rep and MO pages
January 13, 2000: Added Reunion 2000 Headquarters page, linked off of entrance page
January 13, 2000: Added links to newly donated photos of life at NAS Atsugi, on the Atsugi page
January 7, 2000: Added entry into Newsupdate page concerning Roger Bynum
January 5, 2000: Changed background
January 5, 2000: Created Website Update page
January 5, 2000: In process of upoading photos that have been sent. Will include a link to the photos.