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Did you know?
Most of us can recall our call sign as being "GREENBUSH" however it seems in the younger days of the squadron we were also known as
"WHEEL CHAIR." But even more disturbing was the use of "SWIFT FERRY" at some point during our history. As you can imagine, this call sign
may have generated many humorous comments. We need to give thanks for those responsible for getting it changed to our beloved "GREENBUSH."

Did you know?
That VRC-50 was in existence for 28 years --- thats 336 months or 10,220 days or 245,280 minutes or 14,716,800 seconds.
Out of all of that time, the squadron was homeported in 4 locations:
NAS Atsugi, Japan -- 52 months or 15.5 percent of the time
NAS North Island, CA -- 16 months or 4.8 percent of the time
NAS Cubi Point, RP -- 242 months or 72.0 percent of the time
Andersen AFB, Guam -- 26 months or 7.7 percent of the time

Which begs the question, was NAS Cubi Point picked for its outstanding cultural benefits to all hands, or
was it the location for supporting the Fleet?

Did you know that VR-51 based at MCAF Kaneohe, Hawaii, is now using our tail code: RG

What is the common denominator with regards to the homeports (4 of them) of VRC-50?: Island -- the first homeport, NAS Atsugi, located on the island of Japan. 2nd homeport, located at NAS Cubi Point, on the island of Luzon, in the Philippine Islands. 3rd homeport, NAS North Island. Finally, the last homeport, Andersen AFB, on the island of Guam.