VRC-50 Passenger Manifest

For any passenger who had the good luck (or bad) to have had the opportunity to catch a ride on the aircraft of VRC-50
You may have wanted to get orders to VRC-50, but could not, so a ride in Greenbush Airlines was the closest you ever got
If you have had a memorable flight with us, please let us know. Maybe leave to the PI, a COD flight OFF the boat, whatever.

EMAIL with appropriate info.
modified on March 31, 200

No. Name (Last, First, MI) Rank/Rate Date Destination (Route) Type Aircraft Unit/Organization
1 Sample, Just, A. PO3 Jan 1980 RJTA/Atsugi -- RPMB/Cubi Point C-1A VF-151
2 Levine, Jed, NMN Ensign / O1 May 1969 RPMB/Cubi Pt -- USS Bon Homme Richard C-2A CVA-31
3 Glinn, Shawn P. PC3 / E4 June 15, 1991 CVN-72 / USS Lincoln -- Bahrain International Airport C-2A CVN-72
4 Manuel, Leon, A. PO2/E-5 Jan 1990 CV-41/USS Midway C-2A HS-12