PR - Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

[ aka -- Aviation Seamstresses ]

Riggers.....Paraloft......Flight Gear.....Sewing Machines.......Parachutes........Survival Equipment

This is the hangout of the VRC-50 PR's ---- as requested by PR1(AW) Wild Bill Alber

When I (webmaster) first saw the VRC-50 PR Shop ... it was located across the road from the hangar and was in an old
quonset hut. It then moved back across the street in another quonset hut near the old VC-5 hangar and next
to the line shack and some other portable buildings. In my days these were used for phase crew. Sometime after I left
the PR shop must have moved into the hangar. So this page is another - in the series of pages - for the Foo Dogs
of the PR persuasion to live in the past and rejoice in the glory of being in VRC-50.

Oh yeah -- a trivia question -- did PRs go on detachments? ( HA HA HA ) Shoud get some good responses to this !!

Send ideas for this page....what do I do with it........