Need Help With Photo

MAC Ken Bridges is looking for a copy of the photo of a big python snake
that was captured in Binictican Housing near Mango Drive...If you can help .. email Ken by Clicking Here

Former Foo Dog, Roger Bynum

I just got off the phone from the Philippines. Roger Bynum had a stroke on 26 November and is bedridden. The stroke affected the left side of his body. He can talk "so-so". Please get the word out to our fellow "Foo Dogs" what has happened. Roger can be reached at 63-47-222-5804. Roger has become a dear friend to me over the years and I'm sure he would appreciate the fact that we are thinking of him.

Master Chief Bob Palmer.

P.S. - Roger's mailing address : (letters only, no boxes)
Box R-S
FPO AP 96517-1000

Former C-1A crewmen and maintenance personnel

Dear Mark,
We are located in Topeka, Ks. and own and operate the above mentioned "Trader",[146044] which according to our records was a VRC-50 participant. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who flew, worked on, or is anyway associated with this aircraft. Nose art is DOUBLE NUTS 100 and the name on the nacelles is "Miss Belle"; the name she had while on the Independence. Hope to hear back from you. Sincerely,

Looking for ........

Looking for former VRC-50 member named Larry Hyatt or anyone with credible knowledge of the C-2A that crashed on launch off the USS Ranger in December 1970. Contact if you can help.

Sad news about a certain C-1A Trader -- Wheel Chair 7

email received on 7-18-99, as forwarded from Rich Ruyle

All things must come to an end. While the Fed's were not getting involved with, and reversing course about, the C-1A/TF-1Z Wheel Chair Seven being used in Restricted Category for hire, she could earn her keep. It started out a simple matter... she was used for hauling to Pete own mine and that's still O.K. but the other miners found out what he could do with her, how much a load she could haul into how small a strip, and a business blossomed. It really wasn't intended to happen, it just did. Now they've said Pete's own stuff and Public Service only. So now it's harder for her to pay her own way and the Fed's have taken the bloom of the lily so she's for sale. She's no give away but systems wise WC7 and sheet metal wise she's as good as your ever going to find not still on active duty and maybe in some ways, just slightly better as she has been babied the past few years. And her engines would warm the spark plugs of any nose picker to ever skin his knuckles on a cylinder cooling fin! I hate to see her go....... she's been my Walter Mitty plane that Pete just happens to own. In her Navy dress she's been my tie to when I was there. Guess I'll just have to get involved with Pete's T-28........ Say, any body know what Navy unit actually operated a T-28 in Dark Sea Blue? And what was the name on the C-117 that the Marines operated in Viet Nam? The one that was seen all over " In Country " and hauled more beans and bullets than most any other Gooney since WW-II. What MAG operated it and has any one got pictures? There might be a C-117 in Fairbanks' future.........

Marty Hall
USN Ret.

Request for VRC-50 Pilot Name Tags

email received on July 12, 1999
Dear Sir,

My name is Sander Smit and I have a request. I collect nametags from defense forces from all over the world and I was wondering if you could help me in obtaining a nametag of the VRC-50 for my collection. I have already received over 240 different types of nametags from pilots and aircrews from countries like: Russia, Poland, Italy, Frnace. India, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Egypt, Jordan, Germany USN/USAF/USMC/USCG and many other countries. I would like to ask you if you could help me in obtaining a nametag from a pilot of the VRC-50 for my collection (the USN section). I do know that a nametag from the VRC-50 are rare but they are impossible for me to obtain in Holland. Can you find me a pilot who is willing to donate me his nametag (old or spare nametags arealso very very welcome) for my collection. With this e-mail I have included a foto (a file format that I cannot open) which shows you a selection of my US nametags. If you are able to help me, wich I sincerely hope, you can e-mail me back at this address: A nametag sent to me will receive a special place in my collection and I would be honored to be able to include the sent nametag to my collection. I do hope that you can help me or that you can relay this e-mail to the person who can, I hope to hear from you soon,


Sander Smit
Mozartstraat 17
4003 LC TIEL

A special request from the son of a former FOO DOG

edited from an email dated June 8, 1999 @ 4:53 AM

Hi, just looking around your web site. It is very good. My dad was in
VRC-50 in the late 60s and he flew on C1As and C2As. He was one of the 1st few
from VR-21 to go to VRC-50. We lived in Japan from 66 to 70 and my dad did 3
tours in Vietnam.
He was in the Navy from 1956 to 1978.
I am sad to say that my dad passed away on 9-9-97 and if you know of someone
who knew him from back then, please have them e-mail me. My dads name was
Rich C. Simmons ADR-1

thank you
Kenneth Simmons

Association Patch

A proposal...colors are different than the above drawing.

Plaque from Guam

When VRC-50 was disestablished in 1994 at Andersen AFB, Guam, there was another Navy Squadron at NAS Agana at that time, HC-5. Because NAS Agana was also being disestablished, the decision was made to relocate HC-5 to Andersen. HC-5 was to occupy the old VRC-50 spaces. As all you folks who were in the squadron at the time of disestablishment know, a new hanger and AIMD complex were under construction at Andersen. At the base of the flag pole in front of AIMD, VRC-50 squadron members had placed a plaque which read:
1966 - 1994

In 1997 while I was employed as a Planner/Estimator with the Naval Air Pacific Repair Activity, I was conducting a tour extension inspection on one of HC-5's H-46 helos. I mentioned to several of the Chiefs, in Maintenance Control, that I had been a former Chief in VRC-50. They decided to remove the plaque at the flag pole and present it to me. It's still in my possession, although I feel that it should belong to the VRC-50 Association. Unless some member is not in agreement, I plan to present the plaque to the Museum Of Naval Aviation here in Pensacola. I hope that it will be displayed in the reconstructed Cubi Point 'O' club located at the museum. If you happen to be visiting the museum - look it up.

Email received from former Foo Dog
Bob Garling, AMHC(A/C), VRC-50 1967-1970

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