The Evolution of Military Transportation


as it relates to the Foo Dogs of VRC-50
This is NOT a lineage.

Army Air Corps Ferrying Command
U.S. Army Air Force

Air Transport Command

U.S. Army
created June 1942

Troop Carrier Command
U.S. Army Air Force
created April 1942

Naval Air Transport Service
U.S. Navy
created December 1941

each ofthe above organizations had clealy defined responsibilities

This is where the evolution of VRC-50 branches.
Air Transport Squadron 23 (VR-23) is established 1951 at NAS Atsugi
VR-23's detachment NAS Atsugi is disestablished and established as VR-21 detachment NAS Atsugi
VR-21's detachment NAS Atsugi is disestablished and VRC-50 is established October 1966

Military Air Transport Service
Consolidated the Air Transport Command and the Naval Air Transport Service
created June 1948 under the direction of the newly created U.S. Air Force

Military Airlift Command
created 1966 -- reorganization of the USAF

Air Mobility Command
created June 1992 -- reorganization of the USAF