Military Airlift Command (MAC)

The organization that would become widely known as the Air Transport Command was established in May 1941 as the Air Corps Ferrying Command, and was charged initially with flying aircraft overseas for delivery to the British. No real antecedents of this command are to be found, for until 1941 the Army's air arm had no pressing need for a major organization devoted primarily to ferrying aircraft and transporting troops and cargo by air. There were a few squadron echelon units involved in air transport from the late 1930s and a group from 1937; most Air Corps units ferried their own aircraft and moved their own cargo. In 1948 the Air Transport Command and the Navy Air Transport Service (NATS) merged into a new organization, the Military Air Transport Service (MATS). Air Transport Command was inactivated and its resources were passed to the new command. In 1982 HQ United States Air Force officially consolidated the Air Transport Command with the Military Airlift Command (MAC)-a new designation of MATS. HQ USAF inactivated MAC in June 1992. This command's resources were merged with tanker resources from Strategic Air Command and a new command was established. This command is Air Mobility Command (AMC).

Established as Air Corps Ferrying Command on May 29, 1941. Redesignated: Army Air Forces Ferry Command on March 9, 1942; Army Air Forces Ferrying Command on March 31, 1942; Air Transport Command on July 1, 1942. Discontinued, and inactivated, on June 1, 1948. Consolidated on May 13, 1982 with Military Airlift Command (established as Military Air Transport Service, a major command, on June 1, 1948, and redesignated Military Airlift Command on January 1, 1966). Inactivated on June 1, 1992.