Locator's Corner

We've Moved !! On 25 July, 1998 with no pomp or circumstance, the VRC-50 Association - Dow Illinois Detachment - was silently dis-established. Approximately eight hours later, with about the same amount of ceremony, the VRC-50 Association - Hecker Illinois Detachment - was newly commissioned. The Hecker detachment is planned to be temporary, only until my retirement which is scheduled to take place no later than 8 April 2001. At that time, or sooner, a new and permanent detachment will be established in Staunton, IL.
Why Staunton, you may ask! Well, let me explain. Staunton is strategically located very near our grand daughter and the farm I have wanted to tend to since I was knee high to a milk stool.
I can be contacted at the address at the bottom of this page. How you contact me does not matter, just keep those cards and letters coming.
Do not forget that I am maintaing the VRC-50 archive. I need your photographs from throughout the ages. If you have old photos or any other VRC-50 memorabillia, and want to share it with your former shipmates, please contact me.
Warmest Regards,
Richard D. "Rich" Ruyle (ADJ2/67 - 70)
Treasurer, VRC-50 Association, Inc.

VRC-50 Baseball Caps Available
A new shipment of ball caps have arrived, and I can send one (or several?) to anyone who wants one.
Price is $7.50. As a survey comment, let me ask if anyone would like for the association to procure T-shirts?

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