VRC-50 Aircrew Flight Time Milestones

Reaching the magic number of 1000 hours in an aircraft has long been celebrated by
members of the flightcrew community. This page will list those aircrew members of VRC-50 who have reached
the 500 hour milestone. Please email the webmaster if you are qulified to be listed on this list.
A minimum of 500 flight hours is required. Increments of 500 hours will also be posted.1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, etc

Name Aircraft Hours
ADAN Pete Hansen C-2A Greyhound 1000
AD-2 Stephan Adrian C-2A Greyhound 1000
AMS-2 William "Bill" Christensen C-2A Greyhound 2000
AMH1 John DeFevers C-2A Greyhound 2500
AD-2 Bill Murphy, Jr. C-2A Greyhound 2000
ADJ-2 Richard D. "Rich" Ruyle. C-2A Greyhound 1500
ADJ-2 Richard D. "Rich" Ruyle CT-39E Sabreliner 1000
AMH1 Mark W Felhofer US-3A Viking 1500
AMH1 Mark W Felhofer C-130F Hercules 500
AMH1 Mark W Felhofer CT-39E Sabreliner 500
AO1 John Weikum C-2A Greyhound 1000
AO1 John Weikum C-130 Hercules 2000
ADC Ken Biell C-130 Hercules 5000
AD1 Ken Biell C-1A Trader 500
AD1 Ken Biell US-3A Viking 2000
AMH1 Corky Walker C-2A Greyhound 1000
ABHC Gary Hicks US-3A Viking 2500
AD1 Kurt Dismukes C-2A Greyhound 3000
ADJ1 John Speck C-130 Hercules 6500
LT Greg Cooper CT-39E Sabreliner 1100
ADJ3 Mike Hicks C-1A Trader 700
ADJ3 Mike Hicks C-2A Greyhound 2500
AMS3 Christopher Mohn C-130 Hercules 2000
AMS2 Tom Henderson CT-39E Sabreliner 1500
AMSC Tom Henderson C-130 Hercules 3000
AMH2 TJ Cornutt US-3A Viking 1300
AT3 Chuck Davis C-130 Hercules 500
AD 2 Stan Denkinger C-2A Greyhound 1000
AD2 Charles A. Wright C-2A Greyhound 3800
LTjg Doug Hankins C-1A Trader 1000
AE 3 Trombetta C-2A Greyhound 1800
AT2 William "Bill" Taylor C-130 Hercules 2500
AD1 Phil Coulombe C-130 Hercules 1000
AD2 Gary Owens US-3A Viking 1700
ADC James McKinstry C-1A Trader 1400
ADC James McKinstry C-2A Greyhound 1100
AMS1 Ron Ricket US-3A Viking 1500
AD3 Glenn Gabry C-130 Hercules 1200