Telephone Number -- 385-3611

The Nerve Center of the squadron. Need to check into the squadron...check out on leave...want information on the squadron flight schedule...come here

This office was manned 24 hours a day..7 days a week..52 weeks a year. A Squadron Duty Officer (SDO), an Assistant
Squadron Duty Officer (ASDO), and a Duty Driver. The SDO represented the CO, liason between our tasking authority, NALO, and Operations, coordinated with Maintenance Control the daily flight schedule, and many more duties that I cannot recall.

All Officers -- Ensign thru Lieutenant -- stood the SDO duty. ASDO duty was stood by PO2's and PO1's. At different points in time the ASDO watch was either a rotational watch or a permanent watch. Same with the Duty Driver. Also the Line Watch was posted and supervised by the ASDO. This watch was also rotational and or a permanent watch at one time or another. The Duty Driver was the gopher for the squadron. Do this..do that...pick up messages..deliver flight schedules...get coffee and water for the flights departing.

During the 1977 - 1991 time frame.. the Duty Office was located upstairs..next to Operations.