VRC-50 Detachment Locations and Countries Visited by Squadron Aircraft

Here are the locations of the many dets that VRC-50 provided. This includes shipboard and land based
dets. Also all of the countries visited. Please help us in determining the locations not listed.

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NAF Atsugi, Japan:
was probably the most visited det site for the Foo Dogs. Supporting the USS Midway and USS Constellation, the Midway's replacement. Was a NAS when VRC-50 was established

NAS Agana, Guam:
was another popular detachment location, supporting carriers enroute from the United States into the Westpac area.

NAF Kadena, Okinawa:
Yet another location for C-2A dets supporting carrier battle groups. Good place to buy china and get a nice Kobe Beef steak dinner.

A stopover for the C-2A and CT-39E to refuel enroute to NAS Agana.

C-130F crews made it here a few times. Also C-2's, once for a heart attack person !!!

Truk and Phonpei, FSM:
The CT-39E made an extended trip to these small islands while providing transportation for COMNAVMARIANAS. C-130's for post typhoon support with water and generator -- for the people on Truk

Iwo Jima:
Another refueling stop in between mainland Japan and Guam.

Clark AB, RP:
Squadron dets were here when the runway at NAS Cubi was being repaired. Lots of great times had by all.

Osan AB, ROK:
Favorite RON spot. Great for buying tennis shoes, leather goods and baseball gloves.

Taegu AB, ROK:
Took VC-5 here many times as well as EOD teams.

K-16 in ROK:
A location for drop off and pick up of VIPs going to Soeul

Yokota AB, Japan:

Misawa AB, Japan:
C-130F crews took that stupid COMVAN up there too many times

Iwakuni MCAS, Japan:
One of many stop while flying in the Westpac area. There was a Wendy's here

Futenma MCAS, Japan:
Located close to Kadena AB. There were Marine C-130s here and a good place
to get parts for a broken Herk

Kadena AB, Okinawa:
The big Air Force base on Okinawa. It was always prefered to fuel and eat on this side of the base, vice NAF Kadena

Wallace Air Station, RP:
Took VC-5 and their targets up here.

Hong Kong:
Many a T-39 trip here, mainly for VIPs, but the C-2A crews went here when the carrier was visiting
and the C-130 went to pick up fresh milk once because the RP govt would not allow the regular 747 from Australia to land at Cubi

One of my favorite places, made many trips in C-130s and CT-39E. Spent over a week while picking up a CT-39E that was at a SAMCO.
Good shopping and great places to eat. Visited the original Raffles Hotel as well as the remodeled and updated hotel.

U-Tapoa AB, Thailand:
Near Pattaya Beach, another great place for liberty and buying things. Made many trips in support
of Cobra Gold. A favorite place for the C-130 to break down or run out of crew day.

Sung Shan Air Force Base, ROC (Taiwan):
The C-1A crews made stops here on the way/back to/from Okinawa. Great place to buy glass menagere, pool cues, tapes and books
Here is a link CLICK HERE

The C-130 guys made a 2 week trip to Darwin, Hobart, Brisbane, and Sydney -- all to take the 7th fleet band around. Not a bad per diem trip

Made frequent stops at Kota Kinabalu and Kuantan. We provided services to VC-5 and their A-4s as pathfinders.

Off course we flew numerous hops to Baguio, Manila, Cebu, etc etc.

Danang Air Base, RVN:
Fuel stop for the C-1's enroute to and from Yankee Station.

NAF Cahm Rahn Bay, RVN:
fuel stop for T-39 enroute for Singapore (early days)

Saigon, RVN:
Mostly a T-39 stop to pick up or return VIP's

UDorn, Thailand:
T-39 stop

Bangkok, Thailand:
a favorite stop for all flight crews

Chu Lai, RVN:
Yet another C-1A refueling stop enroute Yankee Station

Binh Thuy, RVN:
A C-130 destination.

Vung Tau, RVN:
A C-130 destination.

An Thuy, RVN:
Yet another C-130 destination.

Sri Lanka:
the great elephant escapade. A C-130 flew a 7 year old tusker, a gift from Thailand to Sri Lanka!! Pachyderm Diplomacy Flight.

NSF or NAF Diego Garcia:
The base of US-3A flights in the Indian Ocean.

Shemya Station (in the 60s...now Shemya AB:
The C-130s used to take off today, arrive at Shemya yesterday, and get back to NAS Atsugi tommorow
all in about a 12 hour trip. Drove the disbursing clerks nuts.