The following were assigned to VRC-50 as Command Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs or Chiefs:

Email the VRC-50 Webmaster if you were assigned as CMC of VRC-50 with Name, Rate, Month/Years as CMC
It is recognized the the billet of CMC was not always filled by a MCPO.
I am not sure when the CMC billet was first used ( 1967-68 ), however I have been
informed the same job was previously known as "Leading Chief" and/or "Senior Enlisted Advisor" . So if there are any former "Leading Chiefs" or "Senior Enlisted Advisors" out there, let me know.

"The Navy's Command Master Chief Program is avaluable asset which stimulates free-flowing communications and ensures the highest standards of professionalism are upheld at all levels within the chain of command. Command Master Chiefs strengthen the chain of command by keeping the commanding officer aware of existing or potential situations as well as procedures and practices which affect the mission, readiness, welfare and morale of Sailors in the command."

OPNAV 1306.2C

Hansen ADCS 1968-1969
Parrott ADJC 1977-1978
Ladner AECS 1978-1979
Pickering AMCS 1979-1981
Vain EMCM 1981-
Yeaple AFCM
Eisen AVCM
Collett AFCM FEB 1989 - SEPT 1991
Palmer YNCM
Beynon AVCM
Hawkins MMCM(SW)