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VRC-50 Centurions

Landing an aircraft on a moving object is said to be the most difficult part of being a Naval Aviator. This is what VRC-50 COD pilots did as a matter of normal life. Being a COD Aircrewman on these aircraft was no less a trivial matter, at the mercy and professionalism of the pilot, the guys in the back end had their part in the evolution as well. Ensuring cargo and passengers did not fly loosely about the cargo area, preventing the coffee and water jugs from becoming airborne, making sure the load was secured and would not shift, baby sitting passengers -- These things also made a safe "trap" possible. So with this being said, all VRC-50 flightcrew members who have survived a minimum of 100 arrested landings are recognized on this page. Also any crewmember who is a Centurion on a specific carrier will be posted. Submit info to at www.VRC-50.ORG
Red indicates Triple Centurion and Black indicates Double Centurion

Name Traps Centurion on the Aircraft Carrier
AMH1 Mark W Felhofer 304 USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) & USS Midway (CV 41)
AMS3 Marcel Blevins 224 USS Constellation (CV 64) & USS Enterprise (CVN 65)
AMH1 Corky Walker 360
ABHC Gary Hicks 267
AMH1 John Defevers 400 USS Midway (CV 41); USS Constellation (CV 64); USS Ranger (CV 61) ; USS Roosevelt (CVN 71)
ADC Bob Holsworth 820 USS Midway (CV 41); USS Independence (CV 62); USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70); USS Nimitz (CVN 68)
AE1 Lee Eureste 607 USS Midway (CV 41); USS Independence (CV 62); USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)
AD2 Stan Denkinger 181 USS Midway (CV 41)
AMSAN Tom Baldwin 350 USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63); USS Independence (CV 62)
ADCS Gary Owens 526 USS Midway (CV 41)
ADC James McKinstry 463 USS Midway (CV 41)