VRC-50 and the Famous

Actual proof that CELEBRITIES mingled with FOO DOGS on many an occasion.

If you can provide photographic proof....email it to the webmaster with the evidence.

Select from the following:

Bob Hope
Photo taken at NAS Atsugi (yes..thats right...NAS not NAF)

The World Famous Felhofer Round Barn of Marshfield, Wisconsin
(It's nice to be webmaster...ha ha --- Barn built by my 7 great uncles in the early 1900s)

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or Bob Holsworth...Featuring the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
I cannot remember the other flightcrew members....I guess they did not play sports

PATWING ONE Det featuring Bob and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Come on...you can plainly see the PATWING portable trailer in the background